It all began in 24 years ago in high school…SLR and a dark room…when FILM was used and skillfully developed…using chemicals!

Fast forward: several years later with a broken heart, I return to the passions that never let me down. My pen and my camera.

Rebecca Andre Headshot

Rebecca Andre, Owner | Mountain Girl Photography           Photo Credit: Victoria Weeks | Verglas Media

Anything is subject to capture by my lens or my pen:

Mountains | Trains | Guitars |Rocks |Waterfalls |Barns | Bridges | Bears | Birds of Prey | Pets | Babies | Smiles | Brides |Blooms

Artist Bio:

Almost forcibly inspired by the images she captures with her lens, Rebecca writes poetry that demonstrates her deep love for the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York and the people who live there. Owner of Mountain Girl Photography & Design, she specializes in weddings, portraits and promotions of musicians, brand development and website design. Along with being a wife and a mom to one beautiful little girl, Becca is a published poet and also reporter for the Watershed Post and a contributor to print and literary magazines.   As resident poet at the Woodnotes Grille Open Mic outside Woodstock, she shares her original works almost weekly.   A Maryland native and PA resident, Becca has traveled extensively and in 2013,  she and her family transplanted permanently to the Western Catskills in Delaware County, New York.

P.S. If you really want to get to know me, read this interview by my mate Jenny Urbanski in Catskill Conversations on Upstate Dispatch. Lots of little known facts…


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