HBO's 'I Know This Much Is True' filmed at Delaware & Ulster Railroad, NY

HBO Comes To DURR For Filming Of ‘I Know This Much Is True’

Rails Upstate

Wally Lamb’s 1998 book ‘I Know This Much Is True‘, once an Oprah’s Book Club pick, is being brought to life by Catskills regular Mark Ruffalo, who is producing and starring in the upcoming HBO miniseries.

Woven into the novel that takes place in the mid- 20th Century is the story of the main character Dominick’s grandfather. Dominick dives into the memoirs of his Italian ancestor to help wade through the pieces of his life spent being the sane brother to his schizophrenic twin.

Having not actually read the novel, which I plan on rectifying very soon, as a twin myself, I am more than intrigued. One can only speculate the need for a turn of the century steam engine. That is how our little Delaware County, NY tourist-train-that could found itself the set of a movie.

The Viscose Company, Baldwin 0-4-0T #6, traveling steam locomotive, is the real star, in my opinion. There is just something incomparable to witnessing a slice of times gone by rolling along with the Catskill Mountains for a backdrop.

Viscose #6 Steam Engine fall run on the DURR

Viscose #6 Steam Engine 2018 fall run on the DURR

Back to the movie set at Delaware & Ulster Railroad I was able to snap a few photos. Jason of set dressing informed me this was the last of the three shoots to take place at the Arkville Station. Local heresay had it that a rain scene was to be staged at night, as the weather was not cooperating to match a previously filmed scene. Despite noticing the water truck at a crossroads, I was unable to confirm this. (Turns out, water was there in support of the steam engine).

I spent a few moments chatting with Connie McAffee, Station Master. She was tired but smiling from all the goings-on; glad for the financial boost the filming gave the non-profit, volunteer driven railroad.

Adrianne Davis, Props PA, paused for a moment from her job of polishing a satchel. It’s all in the details. Assuming she was from out of town, I asked her what she thought of our little Delaware County village.

“I’m from Shokan.”

Cool. Locals being employed by the big guys. This I like to see.

Enough chatter, here are the paparazzi inspired photos I grabbed from the filming of ‘I Know This Much Is True’. Enjoy.

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Rebecca Andre wears many hats as a photographer, food & lodging writer, reporter, web designer and poet living and working in a lovely Delaware County hamlet with her husband and daughter. She promotes local businesses and musicians, and can be reached at All photos within ©Rebecca Andre unless otherwise noted.

Mountain Girl NY

Mountain Girl NY

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