Botanicals and I go way back. Whether growing, styling, blending into tea or photographing, they have been a muse of mine since I can remember.

In May I was part of a lovely Joint Exhibition at the Commons Gallery. The theme: In Bloom. I was flanked by a watercolor genius and an amazing oil painter. In order to raise the bar on my realistic captures of blooms, I added my poetry to the show. It was a huge success! Selling both photos and poetry was just icing on the cake of being able to show the world (or small town in the Catskills) my art.

In July I was invited by my friends who own DISGENO21 be a part of a pop-up art show they were curating in Roxbury. It was a thrill to be along-side 30+ talented regional artists. (10 x10 prints are still available for most of the images below) Contact me if you see a bloom you can not live without!

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