Botanicals and I go way back. Whether growing, styling, blending into tea or photographing, they have been a muse of mine since I can remember.

In May I was part of a lovely Joint Exhibition at the Commons Gallery. The theme: In Bloom. I was flanked by a watercolor genius and an amazing oil painter. In order to raise the bar on my realistic captures of blooms, I added my poetry to the show. It was a huge success! Selling both photos and poetry was just icing on the cake of being able to show the world (or small town in the Catskills) my art.

In July I was invited by my friends who own DISGENO21 be a part of a pop-up art show they were curating in Roxbury. It was a thrill to be along-side 30+ talented regional artists. (10 x10 prints are still available for most of the images below) Contact me if you see a bloom you can not live without!

Baltimore pink dogwood

Baltimore pink dogwood

Dried herbs and roses

Dried herbs and roses

Danforth Farm coreopsis

Danforth Farm coreopsis

2016 Joint Exhibition at Commons Gallery

2016 Joint Exhibition at Commons Gallery

Bent sunflower_8394

Schoharie Sunflowers


Round Barn Daffodills

Monochrome Day Sumac with snow 1_30

Snowy Sumac

Teasel bw portrait

Stella’s Teasel

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